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DUN-TRADE® Partner Site


 Welcome to the Dun-Trade Partner Demo Site

This site has the same exciting functionality as the Dun-Trade Partner Site and illustrates the advantages of being a D&B Trade Partner. Namely, access to confidential information that enables you to:

Find out how fast your customers pay you compared to how they fast pay other suppliers and how they pay suppliers in the same industry as you

Identify specific customers whose payment performance is poor and where action is required

Look up the payment performance of specific industries - how does your customer’s payment record compare to the overall industry performance for the UK or for other countries in Europe

Discover the important characteristics of your whole customer base – what do your best customers look like in terms of payment record, company size, company age and industry type

Now please visit the following areas by clicking on the navigation bar on the left:

Ledgerscan- this shows whether your customers pay you more slowly than the other companies on the D&B database. Plus the costs of slow payments, so you can take action and reduce the days outstanding.

Analysis by Customer- you can also drill down and pinpoint the customers who are not paying you as quickly as other suppliers. You can then link to the most recent D&B credit reports at the click of the mouse.

Industry Analysis- if you want to check how a particular industry pays suppliers, then simply select the industry. Thinking about exporting to Europe, select the country to see how it compares with the UK payment performance.

Finally, Portfolio Analysis- something your colleagues in Marketing should also find useful. Find out more about your customers - which industries, age and size of companies provide your biggest sales

If you have any questions on this site or would like more information on how easy it is to become a Trade Partner please use the contact details on the Dun-Trade Partner Site Login page.